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Ready to take control of your healthcare options? 

Dr. Demetria McNeal, Ph.D., MBA, is an assistant professor at the School of Medicine at the Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. She has spent her career advocating for the development of health equity through transparent health communications.
She believes that by presenting patients with information regarding their treatment options, they can make the best healthcare choices for themselves and their families. In addition, her model of healthcare communication puts individuals in control of their health through collaboration with their healthcare providers.
Your Healthcare, Your Choices.

Your healthcare is provided by a team. Shouldn’t you be on it?

Gone are the days of healthcare providers making unilateral decisions for their patients. Instead, people can now collaborate with their healthcare team to arrive at treatment options that are personally meaningful and valuable through informed exploration of their healthcare options. Dr. McNeal is devoted to bringing equitable healthcare communication to underserved and marginalized communities. 

Would you like to know more about how interventions in your setting can help make a difference in health outcomes? By bridging solutions and problems with solutions and needs, I offer strategies that make a difference in achieving real and sustainable results, via the following solutions:



Aligning varying interests in health care organizations and expanding the fields of Dissemination and Implementation Science.

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Available as a consultant, co-investigator, or publication partner on studies that focus on health communication, health inequalities, and related dissemination and implementation topics.

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Speaking & Workshops

Expertise and Workshops on Health Care Innovation, Equitable Health Care, Health Communication, and more.

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The Work of
Dr. Demetria

Socially and economically disadvantaged communities suffer from communication inequity, leading to health disparities among those populations.

Dr. McNeal is a celebrated author, co-author, and speaker of the issues involved with healthcare communication. She has served on numerous panels outlining the complexities involved in the implementation and dissemination of healthcare interventions in diverse settings.

Everyone should have equitable and just healthcare available to them. Providers have an ethical responsibility to learn how to define healthcare communication, how to include it in every practice, and how to help lower the disparity in healthcare among disadvantaged communities.

Dr. McNeal has placed herself as a leading expert on health disparity and its correlation with healthcare communication. She advocates for better communication and dissemination of health information and works to increase awareness in clinical, educational, and scientific fields. Join her in creating a better and healthier future for everyone. Schedule a talk or informational session to learn more.

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